Men’s Health


Testicular Lump Or Abnormality

Men Should Make Sure They Regularly Check Themselves For Any Changes – Lumps, Swellings, Enlargements Or Other Abnormalities
Most Lumps Are Benign But They Should Be Checked Out By A Gp Just In Case – As Early Diagnosis Is Important


Check Them Regularly For Any Changes: Bleeding, Itching Etc. Most Changes Are Harmless & Due To Increases Of Skin Pigmentation
See Your GP If Moles Look Unusual, Itchy, Irregular Or Bleed
Minimise Risk: Try To Avoid Sun Between 11am – 3pm, Cover-Up & Use Sunscreen Of At Least SPF15


Mental Illness Of Any Form Is One Of The Last Taboos Remaining In This Country Today
If You Lose Interest In Things You Used To Enjoy Or Have Feelings Of Extreme Sadness Or Upset – See Your GP As You May Have Depression
Depression Is A Real Illness With Real Impacts On Work, Family & Social Life


Trouble Urinating Could Be A Sign Of Prostate Disease – Including Prostate Cancer Which Is The Most Common Cancer In Men With Over 30,000 Cases Each Year
If You Have Any Of The Following Symptoms See Your GP For A Check :

  • Pain Or Burning When Urinating
  • Frequently Having To Go In The Night
  • Difficulty Passing Urine
  • A Feeling The Bladder Has Not Fully Emptied


Most Men Have Periodic Problems With Impotence – But If These Persist For Several Weeks It May Be Worth Seeing Your GP
General Lifestyle Changes Such As Diet & Exercise Can Correct The Problem But Some May Need Medication.

NHS staff, patients and visitors must continue to wear face coverings in healthcare settings, unless they are exempt.

Please help us reduce the risk of infection for our staff and patients by following this guidance.