Private Medical Work

Our practice has decided to outsource our medical reporting work to an NHS Digital accredited company called MediData. MediData will be processing your medical report via eMR and providing online access via their secure encrypted portal. If you wish to contact MediData directly, please email [email protected] or call on 03333 055774.

Medi2Data Patient Information Leaflet

Please contact Medi2Data for the current update prices information.

Items handled by Medi2Data include

Subject Access Requests ( patients requesting copies of their notes)

Insurance, DWP, MOD, MOJ, Occupational Health, Clinician Trials

Primate Medical Insurance, Police Reports, Legal Aid, Camp America

DSA, Health Assessment Advisory Service, Disability Living Allowance

The following Medical Report work remains with the Practice – Firearms, HGV and DVLA.