Wivey Link (Lister Link)

Wiveliscombe Area Partnership, working with Somerset Partnership (NHS Trust), has just launched Lister Link – a new car in the Wivey Link fleet, with the aim to serve those patients who were registered at the recently closed Milverton Surgery, and who now need to visit Lister House Surgery in Wiveliscombe for doctors appointments and medicines.

The car, a Peugeot Partner, is already adapted for wheelchair access. You can recognise it easily with the Lister Link name proudly adorning both sides of the car, along with Somerset Partnership’s NHS logos with, of course, Wivey Link’s name.

For patients who need to get to Lister House Surgery at Wiveliscombe for an appointment, the car is there for you.  When you have been given your appointment, telephone Wivey Link on 01984 624666 as soon as possible between 10am and 1pm Monday to Friday, and book your travel.  Don’t forget, if you hold a bus pass you will receive a concession on your fare. You will also have to register and pay an annual fee to use the service.

Even better news: if you would like free prescription delivery, you can have it!  By the same process as above, you can receive your medicines from a Wivey Link driver.  Alternatively, if you are able to pop into the Community Rooms in Milverton on Thursday afternoons between 12 – 3 PM, your prescription will be waiting for you.

WAP and SomPar have worked tirelessly to make it possible for patients from the wider Milverton area, such as Halse, Fitzhead and all those outlying villages in between, not to be disadvantaged by the closure of Milverton surgery.  We hope that Lister Link is the answer for you!